Live Tours

TESS’ extensive touring history includes Kanye West; Coldplay; Mariah Carey; Kiss; Motley Crue; Mica; Beyonce; U2; Lana Del Ray; Robbie Williams; Bette Midler; Bruno Mars, Fleetwood Mac; Jason Derulo; One Direction; Depeche Mode; Rhianna; Linkin park; Alicia Keys; Roger Waters; Snow Patrol; Paolo Nutini and Hello Kitty, to name a few.

Working on these tours, TESS has had to overcome a whole range of issues from ensuring the artist has the correct footwear for a rainy outdoor stage, to whether an emergency stop on a 60 tonne video screen would break the touring roof.

We have worked with some amazing production managers who have pushed the limits in technology and design. We like to think that our input and advice, drawn from many years of touring and production experience have helped to ensure that these tours have safe for the artists and their audiences around the world.